A Little About Myself

I just wanted to drop a note and give you guys a little background about myself and how Okie Roots came to be. 

I’ve been in retail for 22 years, way longer than I’d like to admit! I learned so much over my time in retail. I also met some of my best friends with my last job. 

I had always dreamt of opening my own boutique. As the retail world was changing to more of an online presence my dream transitioned. My wonderful hubby gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams! We were sitting at a brewery with some of our best friends brainstorming over a name that was catchy yet represented me. That’s when Okie Roots Clothing Company was born! I’m an Oklahoma girl, born and raised. I love this state and I love fashion that works for my busy life. 

So thank you so much for supporting my dream! Every small business that you support, you’re supporting someone’s dream! 

XOXO- Jess

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